Sunday, October 27, 2013

Colorful Trees Grow in Brooklyn

This time of year is difficult for me, because it's when I miss my country home of Pennsylvania the most. I miss the foliage, the crisp air, campfires, apple cider, and the sights and smells of autumn that are so hard to come by in a place like NYC. Taking just a short walk to the grocery store yesterday, I stopped to stare at the bold colors on a few trees. My husband thought I was nuts; I just stood there staring up at them and smiling. 
The changing of the leaves means so much more to me than seasons changing. It brings back childhood memories of the first days of school, countless Halloween trick-or-treating adventures, hay rides, and the need for really warm socks. Just a glimpse of some colorful leaves takes me back to the most beautiful place in the world, if only for a moment.

The Next Chapter

I know I've been absent for almost 3 weeks, but I think I have pretty good excuses.
First, one week before my wedding day, I lost my day job. Cutbacks and downsizing are a bummer, and I learned this firsthand. I've been in a flurry trying to keep myself busy (and paid) with freelance gigs while searching for my next job.
My wedding day arrived(!), and I needed some time off for preparations, in-laws, and of course celebration. Now, I don't have a lot of my own photos, as I was too busy being nervous/getting married/drinking after the ceremony, but luckily I had the talents of Taylor Scott for my wedding photographer. 

I wore my grandmother's rings, and mink cape for  the wedding.

It was a small ceremony, City Clerk's office here in NYC. Which isn't small at all - it's sort of like a butcher shop for weddings: take a number (literally) and wait to be called. It was a hectic waiting period but my immediate family and friends made it for the most amazing day ever. Which is all I really wanted or needed. I had the most amazing reception/after party/celebration thanks to Whiskey Tavern and their big backyard, and even bigger hearts. Thanks, Rob, for making our big day so wonderful. 

The first week of this marriage thing has turned out to be a breeze. For our weekiversary, Steve and I anticipated going out somewhere nice, but after getting all dolled up, we ended up at the end of the night having a few drinks on our own couch and watching a movie. It doesn't take much :) 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When You're Not Looking

He's going to hate me for posting these photos. Steve claims that he was having a bad hair day, or something. But since it's the face I have to look at for like, eternity, I'm going to inflict these photos on everyone else, too. Not to mention, I kind of love them. We went for a walk on the Highline on Friday after work, then found a rooftop beer garden to watch the sunset over the river. It was one of those afternoon/evenings that one doesn't easily forget. 

Monday, October 7, 2013


These are some of my favorites of the photos I took on Friday, while wandering along the Highline and enjoying the late afternoon light as it blended into a sunset. The beauty of this city, for me, lies in the contrasting textures, stories, sounds, smells, and emotions that are constantly elbow to elbow in this busy place. Sometimes expected, sometimes a surprise, they are stunning to the senses if you take a moment to stop and notice them.