Thursday, February 21, 2013

Emerald City

This emerald green vintage knit dress has to be my favorite new find.
I love how it's so easy to wear, super flattering, and the antique-y buttons are gorgeous.
I tried to keep the antique look with my accessories, too. The tarnished silver bracelet has Parisian landmarks engraved in it- my mother bought it in Paris when he was only 14. And the amethyst ring is one of my favorites - I got it several years ago at a flea market in Paris. The necklace is from Lucky and I love the way amethyst looks next to the deep green of the dress.
This entire outfit is revving me up with excitement for my trip to Ireland in April!


  1. cute outfit.
    good luck for the further.

  2. The green tone looks amazing! Love all the accessories :)

  3. I love that knit dress! It looks like a super simple shape but so classic and flattering and versatile. Gorgeous!



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