Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Lovin'

There is one, and in my opinion ONLY one, benefit to the trials and tribulations that one must endure when living in NYC: summer beaches. My apartment is 20-30 minutes from three beaches, one of which I just discovered a new express bus route for, so that's pretty freakin' awesome. 
I guess it's one of the benefits to living on what is essentially an island, but it makes the weekdays fly by when you're counting down to your next day under a colorful umbrella in the sun. Last year, I basically spent every single weekend at a beach. Rainy or less-than-beachworthy weather? No problemo, because Brighton is a short ride away on the Q train, and I'm always happy to sit under the awning of a Russian eatery on the boardwalk, watching the rain make patterns in the sand while eating delicious head-on shrimp and meaty little dumplings. 
This weekend was the first kick-off to the beachy summer I have to look forward to... and I can't wait.

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  1. ya know, i never really realized NYC has beaches. But dug, it IS an island. I don't know why that never clicked haha. And that's so awesome you have so many right by your apartment!! Take me with youuuu.

    xo marlen
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