Friday, February 27, 2015

Turn Left

There's this path type thing, sort of in the woods, that borders a whole big ton of acres of land that, to the best of my understanding, is fenced off for military training purposes. But it's a big piece of land with walking/running/biking trails bordering it, and I like to go wandering some days. On clear mornings, you can see all the way to London, and it's pretty beautiful. Not to mention, it's where Millie (the dog) goes for her walk every day.

So I usually get to this path type thing, and turn right. And then it does a sort of loop, and sometimes I wander off on another trail that goes into the woods more, and then circle back around and eventually end up on my way back to the house.

But today I turned left.

And boy oh boy, and I glad I turned left today. What a way to end the week.


  1. What an amazing sight! It's a wonderful thing to take the path less traveled :)

    1. It's really eye-opening and refreshing, and I really need to break out of my usual routine more often! You never know what could happen!


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