Monday, April 21, 2014

6 Weeks and Counting

This may have officially been the most exhausting weekend of my life. Basically, Steve and I took a 5 hour bus ride to my hometown in Pennsylvania for a marathon of wedding planning and his first time meeting most of my extended family. 
It was overwhelming but exciting to see all of the bits and pieces of our upcoming church wedding come to life, in one of the most beautiful places that I'm lucky enough to call my hometown. I can't believe that in only 6 weeks, that big barn will be where our families finally come together to celebrate what we've all waited so long and sacrificed so much for, in so many ways. 
Now I feel like I need a week to recover from all of the excitement & traveling (and celebrating), but it has been and will be all totally worth it! 

Oh, and Steve got to color Easter eggs for the first time. And our Easter basket was so big that we'll probably both get diabetes. Thanks, mom. 

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