Friday, May 1, 2015

Life at the Pond

It's been a month, and unfortunately it's also been a month of radio silence, since that's apparently how long it takes BT to fix the internet wiring for our building. But before I go off on a rant, let's focus on the happy fact: It's been a month in our new home, and it's wonderful.

Not having any access to the outside world was kind of a blessing. There's been a lot to do before the space inside these walls felt like a home, and it's helped me to get out and embrace the beautiful town that I can call my own. Alton is a beautiful place. Our flat is a cozy place. And the pond is a glorious place. I already feel so affectionately for Kings Pond, which I have dubbed, "my pond," despite its obvious public location and use; and I have spent many an afternoon seated at its sides, watching the ducks, geese, and swans while indulging in a book.

 I hadn't read a book in ages, which is so unlike me, but with the lack of internet and incredible used book store just around the corner, I've been in binge mode. It's been a relief, really. I felt like life was so less hectic when I didn't have to worry about updates and emails and notifications, and I kinda liked it. It was a bit irritating to have to stand outside of coffee shops stealing wifi and trying not to look suspicious when I really needed to send an email, but it happened and we move on none the worse. Maybe for the better. Maybe it will inspire me a little to put the iPhone away more, to focus on what's around me more than what's supposed to be constantly entertaining me. And I'm hopeful that it does.

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  1. Congratulations on the first month at your new place! Hope your are settling in nicely. It's nice to take breaks from the internet every now and again!


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