Thursday, July 16, 2015


 Fit has hit the shan, in the best possible way.

We made a tiny human. 

I know I've been absent on here for a long time, and I have a few good reasons for that (keep reading). Lately I've been honestly and truly feeling like blogging was missing from my life, and now that I actually have something semi-interesting to talk about, voila! Here I am. 

I apologize in advance for all of the photos being taken/edited on my phone. But you know what? We just can't afford my Adobe subscription for Photoshop right now, and I've got no shame in saying that I know what the essentials are, and Photoshop isn't one of them. Food is. Lots and lots of food. My appetite is playing catch-up for the 6 weeks of constant round-the-clock nausea I endured. Things that the budget still includes: this waterfront lunch of tapas when we spent the other Saturday chilling down in the sunshine in Portsmouth. I got fed AND bought new shoes. Priorities. Photoshop can wait. 

Anywho... It's 3:32 am. I have this hip pain thing going on, and although my midwife assures me that it is totally normal, it also makes sleeping in just about any position wildly uncomfortable (and standing up 10x worse). Seriously? I'm only just in my second trimester this week; I feel like I shouldn't be uncomfortable yet. But I'll still go around smiling ear to ear like a complete fool because I can't stop looking down at this tiny little bump-in-progress. 

Yes, it was kind of a total surprise. Two days before I had to get on an international flight, alone, I might add. But then again, we were kind of lax in our preventative methods because we both were open to (and secretly hoping for) this outcome. So there's your first question answered.  Honestly in all its glory. Sorry for the details, mom. I know you'll keep chalking it up to immaculate conception for the rest of your/my life. 

So, as a FTM (that's "first time mom", because I'm totally a nerdy What To Expect message board addict at the moment), I'm all ears for you more well-rounded mothering sorts. Particularly the ones of my own generation (again, sorry mom) so that I can have a little insight on what really is the low down these days. Tricks and tips for anything and everything, except "morning" sickness (total misnomer), which I have only recently managed to escape the hellish grasps of, are greatly welcomed. I'm kind of doubly deer-in-the-headlights when it comes to knowing/recognizing anything to do with baby brands over here in the UK, too, so if you live on this side of the pond, [please] help me out. 

On the non-preggo front, here is the rest of the news: 

I started a new job, at which I immediately had to tell them I'd be going on maternity leave in about 6 months. So that's fun. But it's a beautiful castle (literally) of a school and it's filled with really wonderful people. I'm quite happy there and they've been really great about the whole "tadaa! I'm pregnant!" thing. Then again, as Steve would say, "it's a Catholic school; they have to be." Lol. 

We've been in our flat for about 3 1/2 months now (the first month or so of which was spent without Internet, the second of which I was in America for, hence my absence), and of course we immediately now need something bigger. We're the poster children for Murphy's Law. So we're thinking of moving in November, but with our current lease we can leave anytime after 6 months if we give enough notice, so it wasn't that much of a "hurry up and panic" situation.

Well my friends, it's 3:51. I'm wide awake because I was so gosh-darned-tired that I fell asleep at 8:45. Ish. I don't know what to do to get myself comfortable enough to go back to sleep, so I'll probably just read, since, for the moment, I've run out of things to write. 

Much love. 

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