Friday, August 2, 2013

Hip to be Square

I know I've already posted some photos of Union Square Greenmarket this week, but I had this whim to stop by after work Friday as well. It's nowhere near the size or diversity of Central Park... but for some, it is the perfect place to relax on a bench under the shade of trees, listen to the sounds of bids and people walking by, have a drink or snack from the ever-present Greenmarket, write, read, and lay in the sun. Or, for the more social, head to the Broadway side of Union Square, to play or spectate in some highly competitive games of (traditional and giant-sized) chess. Kick a ball around, dance like no one's watching, and just take a moment to let the city pass you by, without even coming close to leaving. It's one of the wonderful places that makes even myself love city life. 

Just walking up the subway steps into the park, and I already feel relaxed and happy. 


Picked up a few samples and snacks from the Greenmarket for lounging in the grass


This little lavender dove befriended me, and hung around while I wrote some haikus and soaked up the late afternoon's last rays.



I definitely need to brush up on my chess game before even attempting to jump into a match with one of these guys!


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