Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Magic Hour

This evening when I came home from work, I walked in the door to a beautiful sunset glow. The leaves of the trees cast beautiful shadows on the walls from the setting fire in the sky, and my entire apartment was bathed in the warmest light. I love this time of day. This is my "magic hour," and it's really spectacular in this apartment, which has all west-facing windows. 

These were a couple snaps I took of the magical light dancing on my kitchen "window garden" - basil, carrot tops, lavender and mint growing out of teapots and teacups on the windowsill. With the crisp, its-almost-autumn breeze blowing gently through the open windows... I was very happy today. 
It was just a beautiful day. 


  1. SO gorgeous! That photo of the basil is stunning.

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I love kitchen window light! Ours is best in the morning, and it's a great pick-me-up!

  3. Such a beautiful time of day! Lovely photos!


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