Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Border Patrol Breakfast Burrito

Most mornings, I'm not a big 'breakfast person'. This morning, however, I had some really Kafka dreams about touring Martha Washington's house and being turned into a statue (I'm not even joking. Any dream interpreters out there?). My odd sleep experiences woke me up around 4am, and I have simply not been able to fall back asleep. Around 6:30, Millie (the dog) started whining to be let outside, so I gave up and began what has become a coffee marathon.

On mornings like this, I need some fuel to keep me going for the rest of the day. Breakfast burritos are a recent homemade obsession of mine, so I employed some leftover taco night ingredients and threw together what I call a the Border Patrol Breakfast Burrito. The sauces look like a Mexican flag, teehee! (I'm easily amused.)

Diced onion, caramelized first!
1 egg, scrambled
Cucumber (Hey, it's not Mexican but I'm trying to be healthy. Bring on the veggies!)
Hot sauce
Greek yogurt
Guacamole or fresh avocado
Salt & pepper
Fresh cilantro/coriander
1 10-inch tortilla  *hint: I microwave for 15 seconds before wrapping, so that it doesn't crack!*

Wrap it up, baby! It's that simple. YUM!

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  1. Holy cow this looks quite delicious. I think this might be what we will do for dinner sometime this week.

    Little Lady Little City


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