Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just Another Fall Friday

Ahhhhh what a lovely fall weekend it has been. Sitting here this morning with some pumpkin spice coffee, my senses being assaulted by the amount of fall scented candles in the apartment today (thank you, Homegoods!). Here are a few snaps from my Friday after work. We did a bit of wandering, just enjoying the weather and watching the afternoon turn to evening. 

Oh, and this amazing 70s dress is now in my shop so check it out.

Snake must have just eaten... look at that bulge! haha

Nothing smells quite like farm fresh apples in autumn.

Winding down the evening in a little dive somewhere downtown.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! 

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  1. Love your blog
    xx Tia


I love to read all of your comments! Thanks so much!! <3