Friday, September 13, 2013


It's not uncommon in NYC to stumble upon the production set of a movie, tv show, or commercial. Frequently I will walk down a street with movie trailers or equipment parked along the curb, and don't give it two thoughts. I've even accidentally strolled onto the set of a commercial and was loudly (lol) told to move... so yesterday's events didn't come as a surprise. Headed to a lunch in Bryant Park with Kate yesterday, we had to relocate from our favorite lunch spot under the trees because an episode of The Face was being filmed. It's always so interesting to watch how much effort and time just goes into framing one shot, or some B-roll. The entire time that we were sitting nearby, it seemed like nothing was happening, but dozens of people ran all over making minuscule adjustments in the sweltering sun. Part of me wished Naomi Campbell would have shown up while we were there, but I didn't have the luxury to wait around.  

Couldn't Naomi have shown up for like, 5 seconds so I could snap a photo??

The hustle & bustle of 6th ave at lunch...

I was LOVING Kate's vintage dress. 

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