Monday, September 9, 2013

Take Me Home

No matter where I end up, who I end up with, and what I end up doing there... I will always trace my roots back to the dirt roads in the heart of Pennsylvania. This past weekend I took Steve to meet my siblings & father, and to see a little bit of where I'm from. As he put it, "it's a different world." 

There is so much beauty, so much peace and quiet, and so much fun to be had down the back roads that lead to the places I love so much - made even better by spending my time there with people that I love so much. As happy as I am to be back home after so much traveling, it is my favorite place to escape the nonstop hectic lifestyle in the city we currently call home.

The trees showed a hint of fall (besides the chill in the air) : the first changing leaves. 

Even though he was on crutches from a foot injury, we went for a little stroll in the woods behind my family's home.


  1. The light in these photos is so gorgeous!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. So beautiful :)

  3. that is SO awesome you grew up in the country like that, i can only imagine how fun and adventurous your childhood was. I grew up in the city and had a backyard the size of a living room, so I was always itching for some real space to be a little rascal in, haha. Gorgeous photos, too!

    xo marlen
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