Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Car Boot-y

Apparently, due to more language barrier difficulties, I wasn't properly communicating what I wanted when I asked to go to a flea market here. To my current knowledge, what I should have been saying is "car boot sale". It's the same thing. It really is. It's a bunch of people who pull up in their cars/vans/trucks and unload random stuff onto folding tables to sell cheaply & quickly. And they're usually on a Sunday. I don't know what a flea market is over here, but from what I've gathered, there might be fleas involved and I probably should stay away. Lesson learned; another language barrier is overcome.

Sunday was bright and sunny, seemingly the last glimpse of warm weather for a while. After a lot of nagging over breakfast, I convinced  the hubs to drive me to a bi-weekly car boot sale in Ascot. I'm now even more excited to find our own place and begin decorating and filling it. The mid-century and antique furniture, the mixed ornamental china patterns, odd paintings, and travelers' treasures from all sorts of places laid on blankets and metal tabletops. We stood in awe at a table displaying one man's collection of WWII artifacts - German Uboat captains' uniforms and rings, Nazi soldier passport books filled with stamps and notes of where they had been stationed, medals, antique firearms and even movie props - like an old rifle used in the film We Were Soldiers. You just never know what you're going to find at one of these sales, and that's what makes them so much fun to browse.

I managed to wander away with a hippie-esque floral dress for £2, and an antique lapis lazuli bracelet (if you've seen my outfit posts, you'll know how much I love lapis). I'm still sitting here dreaming of "the ones that got away": a long vintage mink coat, a retro picnic basket, and a small antique bistro table & chairs painted with delicate flowers and birds. I think that my personal heaven would be wandering around car boot (flea market) sales for eternity.

As far as the photos go, this was my first time playing with Lightroom. The pics were all taken on my phone, so I had limited resources to work with, as well. I'm still unsure how I feel about it; I know that it's a lot simpler than Photoshop, and quicker, but as a control freak I'm partial to the precise handling that only Photoshop allows. Oh well! Practice makes perfect.


  1. I've heard that term before and my first thought was of people selling boots from their cars! Haha. Once I realized in England they refer to the trunk as a boot, it made total sense. I'm still trying to figure out why we call them flea markets though. I can't wait to see what neat things you find for your home!

  2. I've totally gone through the flea market / car boot sale confusion before too! I haven't decided which one I think sounds nicer though! x

  3. Fabulous for rifling through (no matter what they're called!)


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