Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last Minute

I'm really proud this year; for once, I've managed to complete all of my Christmas shopping a few weeks in advance. That's usually not the case, though, and I've become a sort of expert when it comes to last minute gifts. So if you're anything like me and panicking about the next 3 days, here are a few tried and true last minute gift and stocking stuffer ideas that don't include a Starbucks gift card:

The Handmade Scarf: Can you knit? Even the most elementary knitters (like myself) can bang out a pretty scarf before the big day arrives. It's a more thoughtful approach to a simple gift, and can be personalized with its wearer's favorite colors. Want to update the classic style a little? Sew the ends together with extra yarn to make an infinity scarf, or weave some ribbon through the finished knit. Tadaaa!

Fancy Coffee/Cocoa in a mug: Homegoods (HomeSense in the UK) is a great one-stop shop for this sort of thing. If your gift recipient is a coffee, tea, or cocoa drinker, you can find some one-of-a-kind luxurious beverages/mixes and unique mugs. Maybe even through some fancy cookies or chocolates in the mix, as well.  When in doubt, try Anthropologie for the classic monogram mugs (if you know someone who doesn't own one yet). Foodies on your list this year might love some spicy Mexican hot chocolate mix, and who doesn't love a little mini bottle of Bailey's for their Christmas morning coffee?

Handpainted Ornaments: Grab some acrylic paints, some plain glass ornament balls, and get to painting! Personalize it with family names and the year/date and a few sparkles. Here's a little inspiration: paint a row of snowmen representing each family member, with different facial expressions. Have an old bean bag toy lying around? Use the filling beads to fill your ornament with "snow"! Personalized ornaments are so popular, and this is an inexpensive handmade option that can turn out to be super cute.

Gift Wrapping: This isn't a gift idea, but a fun idea for the holidays nonetheless. Put a little laughter into your gift giving by wrapping up your gift to be it's actual shape. Wrapping a sweater? Leave the sleeves out and wrap the item as it is! It's a fun and funny way to brighten up an otherwise usual gift.
Or, perhaps try decoy gift wrapping: disguise your gift as something completely different, whether by shape or by placing a small item in a ridiculously disproportionately large box.

Have any other great ideas for last-minute holiday gifts? Feel free to make suggestions in the comments!

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  1. I managed to get all my shopping done this year too! These are really neat ideas thought that I'll have to keep in mind, I really like the treats in a mug idea!

  2. Such a great Christmas ideas! I'm sure no one will ever no what that last gift is lol
    Melanie @


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