Saturday, July 27, 2013

Natural Beauty

It's no secret that I love to wander. New cities, new countries, new neighborhoods... If I haven't explored it yet, I soon will. On Wednesday, I happened upon another justification for my wanderings...

On a side street bordering Little Italy and Chinatown, I passed a shop window full of stunning beads, stones, statues, and trinkets. I doubled back and stepped inside Sun Wind, Inc. 
The woman standing behind the counter wasn't simply selling jewelry. She spent a good 45 minutes explaining all of the stones I inquired about, and even reading my energies and knowing my own preferences and needs. It was enlightening and exciting. 
I've always been interested in the powers and energies (not to mention the appearance) of natural stones and natural stone jewelry. In *many* previous posts and photos, you may have noticed the jade bangle and rings I permanently wear. As the most protective stone of physical health, jade is a key component and reminder of my years of battles against various health issues, all of which have more or less been overcome. 
I can't wait to return to her shop when I have more time to spend, but below are a few beautiful things I picked up to add to my existing collection.

These natural, uncut quarts earrings pictured below were irresistible to me. 

I was immediately drawn to this ring. As the woman who owns the shop explained, it is Botswana Agate, and it believed to be a sort of Evil Eye. It protects not only against spiritual evil, but also against natural disaster. As a lover of survival, and its beautiful vintage setting and look, I just had to have it.

So many gorgeous rings. It was hard to pick just one.... (for now)

I've acquired a lot of natural stone jewelry over the years. In fact, I gravitate towards it. I love the lack of "perfection" and symmetry, and the idea that every single piece is natural and unique. 
My cat, of course, wanted to be in this photo. 

My three favorite natural stone neckaces. From left to right: 
Pyrite (fools gold): Helps the wearer tap into their creativity
Lapis Lazuli: Healing and protecting the mind, & a stone native to my sign, Sagittarius
Agate: Balances yin and yang, good for artists and students

I could rant on and on about this topic all day, but I'll exercise a shred of self control.
Do you have any favorite stones that you are drawn to? 


  1. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  2. These are gorgeous! I love the blue agate necklace; it's stunning!

    Ladyface Blog

    1. Thanks!! Agate is definitely one of my favorite stones because each piece is so unique in appearance.

  3. lovvveee. looks like i need some agate in my life. we all know how i feel about the balancing of yin and yang..

    1. Yeah you do!!!! I'm totally taking you next time that you visit :)

  4. wuuu I love little bijoux shops like those.. I'm obsessed with rings, especially exotic ones.. if you've been to méxico, you'll find tons of amazing stuff in silver for a very low cost and awesome design.. I live in Tulum and there is a different bijoux stand on every corner, but you'll find the same type of jewelry commerce in most of our beaches: oaxaca, nayarit, baja california, quintana roo, etc... cool post! thanks for sharing


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