Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Discovering Decorating

I have a confession to make: I can't decorate a home.  A little over 6 months into married life, and I've really had the desire lately to make our little apartment (and future residences) more home-y. Gradually we've been acquiring furniture (bookshelves, a recliner, an end table) one at a time, as we find ones that "fit" both our apartment and our budget. I moved into our current one bedroom Brooklyn apartment three years ago, a month after college graduation, with nothing but an air mattress and a suitcase. A long two years of 12-hour workdays and assistant's pay left me with few options in the decor and self-indulgence department. But, when Steve moved in, I scrambled for about a month to redo the bedroom and rearrange the furniture to a more livable configuration. Our lease will soon be up, and whether or not we leave or stay, I've been manically searching for interior design inspiration on Pinterest. Modern style doesn't seem to suit me - I don't want anything that has to be pristine, or doesn't provide LOADS of storage in small spaces, and nothing can really be fragile because we live with a hellbent destruction machine, also known as my cat. I'm not a fan of clean lines and empty space. Modernist style doesn't feel like the kind of environment that I could take an afternoon nap in on a lazy Saturday.

I'd like an aesthetic that isn't cluttered, but doesn't look empty and white - something lived in, with furniture that you want to USE. I abuse my possessions, to some degree. The coffee table is also a painting easel, and the side of the sofa is occasionally a cat scratcher when no one is around to prevent it. So, here are some of my ideas of the way I'd like to start to decorate, and I'm BEGGING for help and inspiration!!! Throw it all my way!!!

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