Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a big announcement - and it's not about my excitement over the newest batch of photos from our wedding, but I've included a few of them anyway because I want to share two things at once.

Decisions have been decided, things have been taken into consideration, sacrifices have been made, tears have been cried, plans have been put into action, and flights have been booked.
Steve and I are moving to England at the end of July.

It wasn't an easy decision, and it certainly isn't an easy process, but we finally bit the bullet and need to do what is best for the two of us - both now and in our future. As hard as it is going to be to pack up and leave, this is also the most exciting journey of our lives, and I am so so so thankful that we can be embarking on it together. We know that some people will be shocked, and some will be upset, and some will be sad, but right now we need the support of our close family & friends more than ever. Trust me, this is hard. But not going would be harder for us, both in the short and long run. We're going to do our best to see as much of our family & friends as possible before we leave, so please don't hesitate to call/text/email if we can squeeze in a visit before the end of next month.

And once we get our own place across the pond, eventually, one and all will be welcome.

Other notable mentions: I am excited to announce that in August I will be launching a new blog. I'm using this opportunity to really pursue my love of writing and cooking, and the official announcement will follow once the website itself is somewhat finished/up & running.

Notable mention number 2: Did someone say SALE?? I'm going to be having a massive moving clearance in the shop, to minimize the amount of inventory that I will have to move. On top of that, I'll be having a closet sale! I'm not sure if it'll be on eBay or some other site yet, but I'm going to be cleaning out closets and getting rid of a lot! So stay tuned for that, because I have loads of cute stuff (mostly XS/size 0 things that I don't fit into anymore but couldn't bear to part with) that will be up for grabs. Fo CHEAP, yo.

Notable mention number 3: It is with the saddest of sad faces that I am looking for a new forever home for sweet little old Buggy. My dear kitty is not in good enough health to fly with us to our new home, and she would do best in a single-cat household. If anyone has or knows of a wonderful, calm, quiet, loving environment she could be a part of, please let me know! I want the absolute best for her, and my heart is breaking over the thought of saying goodbye to my sweet girl.

More updates to follow as the story develops. That's all for now, folks!

Photography by Naomi Huober


  1. It's real, it's really really real! All I have to say is that I better see you before you leave....betch. =*

  2. Omg how EXCITING! !!!! Wonderful news and wishing you the best for your big adventure. Xo

  3. Congratulations on all the exciting things going on! I hope everything comes together smoothly and that you'll have an amazing new adventure in front of you.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  4. These photos are absolutely stunning!
    Sarah xx


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