Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rock You Like A Hurricane

It's become a sort of tradition/joke/challenge amongst my close friends here in NYC: The "Hurricane Games," as we call them, basically refer to our attempts to predict what the name of the biggest hurricane to hit us this year will be, and the hurricane parties hosted at my fortress of an apartment during the storms (which has survived Irene AND Sandy without so much as losing wifi).

This morning, I woke up to an update from the Weather Channel: tropical depression #1 is now tropical storm Arthur, and is predicted to reach hurricane strength by Thursday when it hits the Carolinas.
Now, being myself, I have to go all out for a dinner party theme. After all, this is probably our last in-home get together with our friends before we hop the pond.
Thanks to the Oh Joy! line for Target, as well as lots of help from my trusty friend Pinterest, I've compiled a wish list for my hurricane party menu.
Let the games begin!

These colorful cups are perfect for Hurricane cocktails!

Possibly the cutest hurricane party shopping list ever

Duct tape the "X"s on the windows in style

Plenty of yummy fondue recipes - it's festive to cook with sterno, as if the power
had really gone out! (Or in case it actually DOES)

This appropriately named candle.

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  1. hahah i like your style. oh a natural disaster is coming? let's party! i especially love those colorful cups and the fondue kit- just thinking about melted cheese makes me mouth water. i guess this will count as the dinner party you wanted to have with your friends :D

    xo marlen
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