Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August Showers

I love the smell of the woods after a rain. Especially an autumn rain, filled with the robust late summer foliage and hint of berries and living creatures. The beginning of the end, with the season of bare trees and fallen leaves just around the corner.

After a day and a half of steady rainfall, there was finally a chance to escape the indoors and take a hike. I fell in love with the birch lined paths, the tall ferns with their tips beginning to change to red and amber. The smell of wet wood and moss, that otherworldly mist that rises off of everything. After the rain... it just might be my favorite time of all.

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  1. I live in the woods so i know just what smell you're talking about. And everything is so crisp and cool! Also, can I just tell you how impressed I am that you know what birch is. Haha I just know Oak, that's about it. And love your fun outfit- so much pattern goodness!

    xo marlen
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