Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Green & Blue

I hadn't noticed how much blue I was wearing yesterday until I had already walked out the door. Head to toe blue, and from someone who a few months ago hardly owned anything blue at all! I find myself lately gravitating more and more toward these oceanic hues of royal and navy blue; maybe it indicates that I'm a bit more laid back these days. In any case, I did manage to offset the blues yesterday by taking a shortcut through a wildly green wooded path on my way to the supermarket.

Denim Dress - Vintage, similar here and here
Top - Similar here
Handbag - Zara


  1. THATS on your way to the supermarket?! you live in an awesome place. and isn't it always so weird when you think you don't like a color and then find so much of it in your closet. that's how i am with pink. i was flabbergasted when i noticed how much of it i have in my closet haha

    xo marlen
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