Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rainy Day Diaries

Rainy days: lazy days, naps, couch sitting, snacks. Right?
Today has been an extraordinarily productive rainy day for me, and it's not even noon yet! I woke up ten minutes before my alarm this morning, made a yummy breakfast of wholemeal toast with avocado and tomato and caught up on my blog reading. I was pretty busy this past weekend, and had oodles of bits to do online.
Then I did some cleaning, managed to get fully dressed (even though I have nowhere to go today), did some writing for some other blog-related jobs I'm trying to get accepted into, and picked up my long lost hobby of sketching and painting. I'm no Rembrandt, but hey, it makes me happy. 
I don't even have paintbrushes over here yet; I used my makeup brushes! I doodled from a photo I had taken on our roadtrip to the south coast last week. I was so fascinated by one particular moment, when a fishing boat was returning to the harbor and being mobbed by pursuing gulls, that I simply had to try to capture that moment in time.

Oh, and how about that little brick of a cell phone? Until I have "proof of residency" here, I can't get a contract, so this little pay-as-you-go jobby is my current lifeline. Since I only need about 4 numbers in it (my iPhone is still functional on WiFi), it'll do for now. Gratitude over greed, am I right? 

My favorite things today: Earl Grey tea & bright coral lipstick.


  1. Ooh, that toast looks so good! And I love these little snippets of your morning. Your sketch is looking beautiful -- I wish I had kept up my art, haha! I'm so lazy about it, I haven't really improved anywhere. Oh, well.

  2. Your breakfast looks so yummy! I am so glad you are having such a productive day. That coral lipstick is so pretty, and love your sketch!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  3. great post :)


  4. Great pictures. I would definitely love a raining day off work sometime soon.

    I am hosting a POLAROID CAMERA GIVEAWAY on my blog if you wanted to join :)

    www.kindoflovely.com || AUS Fashion/Lifestyle


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