Monday, July 21, 2014

More Magical Moments

I was really thrilled to wake up this morning to an email from my great friend and wedding photographer Naomi. Photos from my wedding reception last month have been finished, and I'm so excited to share a few more. Glancing through, I am reminded of how unbelievably fun that day was. Just, perfect. Family, friends, and unbridled fun. Memories to last a lifetime.

Steve's family (this is one of my favorite shots)


 A much less dignified type of dancing

 My  momma

Some of my closest friends - we go way back

 Om nom nom cake

Who knows? 

My oldest (and most handsome) friend/ex-roommate, Greg 

My worse half Dave and I, in the throws of a singalong 

A happy man.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Naomi did a wonderful job! Looks like you guys had a blast <3

  2. <333333

    ps. Taylor - we missed you!


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