Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wanna Wallet

Today in the midst of packing, I've been presented with a new conundrum that only shopping can solve. If I remember correctly, the odd-looking Monopoly money used in the UK does not fit in my American wallet. The bills are fatter and sort of stick out of the top (also, my wallet has sort of given up on life and decided to dangle open at one end) so obviously I have to go shopping for a new one.
Here are few on my wish list and, well, I want it to be cute.

Sidebar: I'm not sure that any of these would work, except the one I found online from a UK-based store. Does anyone know the term I would search if I were shopping online for a women's wallet that fits Monopoly (British) money? I'm vaguely aware that they're referred to as "purses," but otherwise I have absolutely no idea. Please comment below and let me know!

Vintage Turkish Coin Purse, found on Etsy
Card Holder, from John Lewis
Phone wallet by Coach (and it''s on sale) from Macy's
This beaded beauty that probably weighs a ton from Anthropologie


  1. hahaha "monopoly (british) money". thats how i felt like when the american dollars got those weird colored watermarks on them. i dont like them. but all these wallets are super pretty- i rather like the very last one! so fancy.

    xo marlen
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I love to read all of your comments! Thanks so much!! <3