Friday, July 11, 2014

Philadelphia: A Love Letter

This impending, life-changing, upheaval of an international move (two weeks left! WHAT?!) has turned me into a sentimental mess. I have a sort of bucket list, a wildly heart-wrenching agenda to see as many people and places that have been a part of my life here in America, before our departure. This past weekend took me to my beloved Philadelphia. It's not where I'm from, but for any non-Pennsylvanian, it's where I'll probably tell you I'm from. I only lived here for a few short collegiate years, but it felt like a [blessed] lifetime. And so, Philadelphia, this love letter is for you:

Dear Philadelphia,

I love your streets. Your historical, cobbled alleys, your bright front doors, your uniform rowhomes in a variety of shapes and degrees of disarray. I wanted so much to be an old cat lady on a side street near the Italian market, with my Virgin Mary statue in the front bay window.

I love your little spaces. Your local shops and bars and markets, your quirks and your somewhat depressing economic shortcomings. I love the constant failure that is your public transportation system. I love walking through a city without knowing I'm in a city at all.

I love walking through your neighborhoods. I will miss the ability to reach anyone and anything in less than half an hour, and usually on foot. I will miss concrete backyards, boxes of wine in public places, and good food. Oh, your food. I will miss your food. Your mini mecca of all good things in South Philadelphia- from the best cheeses I've found in this country, to the best tacos I've ever inhaled amidst a hangover. Your unapologetic offering of all things delicious and fresh, straight off a boat, straight to my table without a middle man or health inspector.

I will miss porches. I know porches, and beautiful gardens, and patios, and other exquisite and more lovely outdoor spaces exist in the world, but they are not what I cling to. You, Philadelphia, you turned "porch" into a verb. And you'll always be the porch of my heart, always & forever.



  1. Aw :( This made me home-sick! I haven't been gone long enough to get sentimental yet!
    It's so weird that you're moving so far away! To think, we'll probably never have a Kensington photoshoot again! :P

  2. Remember that you can always come back and that Philly will be there waiting.

  3. wow. I had no idea Philadelphia was such a beautiful place!

    xoxo from the Philippines,
    Gabi Barbará


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